Friday, November 14, 2008

Honey and Vinegar

I think that everyone not only do patients at the hospital get a little nutty when there's a full moon! Seriously people...manners! There was a lady at Target trying to return some items. She was very irate and I felt bad for her. She was wearing scrubs and she very frustratingly explained to the Targer customer service lady that she was on her lunch break trying to return diapers that wouldn't stick and stay on her little one . Then she turned around and yelled at the man behind me and I that we were standing too close and should be standing over where the "please wait sign." Yes, she has a I stepped back some more. But most people don't actually stand where that sign is unless there's a long line and all the little counters are filled. On top of that...she was talking so loud I would have heard her no matter where I was standing in line. That wasn't so bad really...but I was already irritated that day so that didn't make me any happier.
After returning some stuff at Target I headed to Costco to get some gas and pick up some stuff. There was a car in front of me turning into the gas station and the car behind me start honking incessantly. Who does that! What would you like me to into the car in front of me? Really...rudness! Then when it was my turn to turn into the gas station, the drive again started to honk incessantly. I so wanted to just put my brakes on and park my car right in the middle of the street. That driver was the straw that broke the camels back! I was fuming mad! Really...was that necessary? I know the world isn't full of rude mannerless people but there are truly times I think it is.
But the cashier at Costco was very nice and actually made me feel better about the world.
You attract more bees with honey than vinegar!


  1. Wow, you are angry inside. You should only blog about nice, wholesome situations like I do! JK :):)

    Sounds like those people need to blog about it so they handle stress better!!! We will lead the way Ms. Grace-if-you're-nasty.

  2. I'm sorry people were rude to you! I guess it's just the kind of time to remember that even that jerk in the car behind you was probably having a really bad day. I hope it got better after that! See you soon!
    PS Grace Boone sounds a lot like Gray Spoon... just FYI :-)