Monday, February 23, 2009

Baked Sweet Potatoes

This is a recipe from Trevor's mom, Cherie. It's really good. It's a nice side dish for steak.

Made enough for us and then some.

Prep Time:
10 minutes. Depends how good you are at cutting yams =)

Cook Time:
15-20 minutes


yams - 2 small-medium sized

1. Cut yams. I cut them like I do onions - making cuts first so they make circles and then cutting those in half. You can cut them how you like. You can cut them like french fries like chips, whatever. You can either leave the skins on or peal them. Just an FYI - yams are hard to cut and peal.

2. Once you've done that put the chopped yams in a bowl. Pour some oil over the yams. Just enough to coat them. This will help make them crispy and so they don't stick to the pan. . Then add the spices to taste. I sprinkled just a little bit of salt for flavor. I put a little more garlic than salt. And I generously sprinkle the cinnamon. I would use nutmeg if I had that but I don't. Experiment with the spices. Let me know if you come up with another good combination. I really like the one that I used.

3. Then take a pan/cookie sheet and spray that with oil so the yams don't stick. Though if you're like me and forget, it'll probably be okay because you did coat them with oil earlier. Then put the yams on the pan and cook in the oven at about 375 degrees. It doesn't take very long to cook. Once the yam looks as crispy to your liking take them out and let them cool.

These are absolutely delicious and so easy to cook!

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