Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Super Star Husband

As some of you know, when I first met Trevor in our salsa class at ASU I immediately thought he looked like Ryan Phillipe and Justin Timberlake. Well the proof is in...Justin Timberlake is my husband alter ego.

Here's the proof:

1. Both are very creative - Trevor is working on making a video game; Justin is creating a clothing line called William Rast.

2. Both in bands that have since disbanded - Trevor was in the Geriatric Gigolos; Justin was in NSync.

3. Both are very musically talented - Trevor can play the sax, piano, and sing; Justin can play the piano, sing, and beat box.

4. Both are attracted to dark haired women - Trevor to me, of course; Justin to Jessica Biel.

5. Both are living in CA for work.

6. If that's not enough to convince you...the proof below in undeniable!

Trevor Boone = Justin Timberlake


  1. Hahaha. Blue eyes, green eyes, they still look the same to me! :)