Thursday, October 1, 2009

Atrium Renovation Part 1

We've been working on some different projects around the house. Last weekend we worked on renovating the atrium.

On Saturday, we went to Home Depot to get three 70lb bags of sand ($4/each bag) and a pre-formed pond tub ($35). When we went to Home Depot about 2-3 weeks ago the pre-formed pond tub was $80!!! Can you believe that! It's the exact same tub! Everything! I'm glad we waited!

This is what the construction zone looks like. Digging in the atrium kicks up a lot of dust.

Getting the dirt wet helped to keep the dust down. The hole is deep enough now, it just needs to be wider. As you can see Trevor did all the digging. What a good man! The next step is to put down a layer of sand, put in the liner and pour sand around the edges. I'm not sure when we'll put water in it, but it's exciting to have the next step to completing our atrium underway!!!

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