Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Our spooktacular Halloween decorations on a budget...

The overall look

We made these spooky silhouettes from the leftover cardboard boxes from our move to Flagstaff and the leftover packing paper we found in our garage from the previous owners.

1. We outlined and cut out scary pictures of ghosts and bats.
2. Then we painted the cardboard black and taped the packing paper on the back.
3. Next we hung the spooky silhouettes in our staircase windows and turned on the lights.

Cost of the project: $1 for the paint.

Our awesome pumpkins! Trevor's is based on Castle Crashers; an awesome XBox360 game!

We found this awesome lighted tree at Micheal's on Halloween day. It was 40% off. Regular was $60. We got it for $35. It was perfect!

The garlands, vase, pumpkin we bought at Michaels. The pine cones in the vase are from our own backyard.

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