Monday, July 19, 2010

Mountain Man Triathlon

Sorry for not posting in a long time! I got busy doing things around the house. It's been a busy couple of months! We've got new energy efficient windows, painted the exterior of the house, cleaned-up the master and did gardening. More about all that later. 

On Sunday our good friend Nikki did the Mountain Man Triathlon. Some other friends - Brittany, Jackie, and Kristina - came up to root her on and hang out for the weekend. Nikki did awesome! It was a great time! We also got to give our new camera a spin, but more about that in a later post. 

Friday night we ate a Bigfoot BBQ and hung out at the Green Room listening to a band called the Latino Rebels. They were really good! They played some Reggae and Latin music. And there was a weird older lady there that was jazzercising or something to the music! Britt got some pictures and a video. It was hilarious. I felt bad that I found it funny, but it was just so random!

Saturday we just hung out and had dinner over at the house. It was a good time chilling with the girls!
Jack and Nik looking through pictures

Group shot right before dinner. (Thanks Mom & Dad Boone for the apron, I love it!)

Our yummy dinner: Spinach/cranberry/sliced almonds/feta/raspberry vinaigrette salad, corn (fresh from Jack's patients farm; super tasty!), and Parmesan pasta with chicken and rosemary. 

Mer and V randomly drop in for some of the weekend festivities. We hung out with them at the Wine Loft after the girls left. The Wine Loft is one of our favorite wine bars here in Flagstaff. They have as many beers as they do wine and a good selection of non-alcoholic beverages. One of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages is their Vignette which is made of the grapes used for pinot noir. They also have board games that you can play and you all know how much I love board games! 

Here are some pictures from the big race on Sunday! It was super fun!

Me & Nikki before she jumped in the water at 7am!

All the swimmers! Crazy! They look like a huge flock of birds this far away.

Nikki's parents waiting in anticipation for Nikki to finish the swim portion.

Go, Nikki, go!

Look at her mom beaming in the background!

During the cycling portion, we saw some crazy intense things like bike shoes attached to the bikes, cyclists taking off their shoes prior to the finish line and...

ballet-esque developpes to lift their leg over their bike prior to crossing the finish line. All to enhance their times.

Here's Nikki finishing the bike portion.

Yay! Nikki crossing the finish line!

Breakfast of champions

Fun panoramas

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  1. Congrats Nikki! So proud of you for your determination for all the training and finishing the race! You make it all seem so easy :) Had a blast spending time w/you girls. Thanks for posting pics of the race Grace, fun to see!
    Love, Jackie