Thursday, October 21, 2010

Penny Arcade Expo Prime 2010 in Seattle

The Penny Arcade Expo is where gamer aficionados and developers can gather and meet to share their love of video games. It was a 3 day expo from Friday, September 3rd-Sunday, September 5th. We had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures and videos from our trip. 

Travel Day
We had some flight complications. We boarded the plan on time. Waited on the plane for an hour. The plane's engine over heated. We all got off. Waited another hour. And this is what the pilot had to say "They looked at the engine and everything is within normal limits. We're going to try this again." Um...right. We have a lot of confidence now...luckily we landed safely in Seattle, WA.

Pictures of the city.

Our destination for storming the Castle.

 Our hotel the Hyatt at Olive 8. It's a super sweet hotel!

The lights in the lobby. So cool looking!

Our awesome room!

 You have to put your room key here in order to turn on the lights.

They had grass growing on the roof to help be more sustainable.

Day 1
Click here for video.

 Thousands of gamers lined up early in the morning to check out the latest from their favorite game developers. One person even lined up at 4am!!!

Posing with Bethesda's (one of Trevor's favorite companies) booth for Fallout New Vegas.

Castle Crashers arcade cabinet

 Me and one of the Frag Doll Girls. I played against her on Magic the Gathering on the PC version in order to win an xbox 360. Alas I did not win. My PC didn't have all the cards unlocked!

 But...I did win some Microsoft points!

Me and my sweat towel I won after playing Dance Central, an interactive dancing game for Microsoft Kinect.We also played Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sport's boxing. FYI - I beat Trevor. We may have just found a new way to settle arguments (j/k).

Some pictures of us playing Kinect Adventures.

 We got to be background actors for an episodic game called March 32nd. Kind of like Sin City.

We met up with Alex and Ellie and went to the Space Needle.

And Science Center

And Sci-Fi Museum

 And Experience Music Project.

It was a super fun day!

With a great ending! We had dinner with Aaron, Tiffany, and Thomas (Alex's brother and his family). It was delicious! Trevor had quite the experience with very attentative crab service.

Official Disney sketches...the line was so long...we bailed. 

Ellie playing Dance Central. She got complemented on her awesome moves!

Alex and Ellie playing Kinect Adventures.

Hanging out at the Volosin's house.

For more pictures click here. Also check out this video on youtube at minute 2:37. You'll see Trevor and I in the background boxing.

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