Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Update

Hi Everyone! I had an Ob appointment last Friday. Here are some stat updates on the pregnancy and Baby Cecelia's growth.

Weeks pregnant: 22 weeks and 5 days
Blood pressure: 115/68
Weight: 132 (total of 14lbs) 
Fundal height: 21
Baby's heart rate: 135
Baby movement: YES! She moves when I'm about to take a nap, before bed, and some times when I'm sitting down.
New things I've noticed: My belly is bigger than by boobs; I walk differently, I sort of waddle; I move more slowly; Rolling over in bed is different.

I just had to show a picture of my belly head on. Please don't look at the increased hair growth, a lovely pregnancy attribute. Instead look at my belly button! I have a huge/deep belly button normally. I think my belly button just might pop out! 

Profile shot of my burgeoning belly! This picture was taken at 23 weeks prior to Trevor's Christmas party, which I'll post picture from...eventually.


  1. I seriously cannot believe that belly! It is becoming on you, Lovely lady.

  2. Your belly is so cute! You look beautiful Gracie! Hope you guys had a great Christmas! xoxo