Thursday, January 20, 2011

Allergies, Coughing, and Pregnancy...oh my!

This week I finally got a chance to start cleaning the nursery! Hooray! Unfortunately between my sadness in packing up Christmas and my excitement in going through musty, old boxes filled with school papers/projects, I forgot to wear my dust mask. I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat. I still have one today. I've been drinking a lot of fluids, gargling with warm salt water, taking a warm shower, etc. All of which are helping, during the day. Last night was another story. I was so uncomfortable! Between my normal pregnancy discomforts - backache, difficulty turning in bed, tired legs, etc - and the added difficulty breathing from my stuffy nose, sore throat, and coughing (which increased my backaches), I was not a happy camper last night. I had to prop myself with 3 pillows just so I could sit up comfortably to breathe but still be able to lay down (if that makes any sense). Pregnancy discomforts I can handle. They really haven't been too bad. Just require some minor adaptations. I enjoy them. But the sore throat and the coughing, I'm really hating. I'm so thankful that I've been lucky enough to get through most of the winter without getting sick!

Here are some pictures of the nursery in it's current state:

Once I'm feeling better, I'll start working on it again.

On another note, I found my first stretch marks today! I'm sorta torn about them. I'm excited because I feel like I'm officially in the motherhood club, but at the same time, I was really hoping I'd go through the pregnancy without getting them. I took some pictures of the stretch marks, but they look really gross so I won't post them on here. 12 more weeks to go!   

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  1. 12 weeks? You lucky dog! I'm sorry your back has been hurting. Mine usually hurts by the end of every shift, but it's fine once I lay down for a few hours. Tonight my hip is bugging me... I'm gonna guess I strained it during yoga.

    Not being able to breathe is the worst. I hope it passes soon. I'm glad you appreciate your stretch marks. I am praying I don't get any. The only attractive part of my body (in my opinion) is my stomach so if I don't get stretch marks, I will be SO happy!

    Can't wait to see this beautiful child of yours :-)