Saturday, January 29, 2011


As a part of our preparations for Baby Cecelia, we are doing some home improvement projects. One of which was changing all our gaudy 1970's switch plates to more generic white ones. We did this a couple of weeks ago. It's a small change and probably barely noticeable to anyone else, but they were definitely annoying to look at. 

The other home improvement project we decided to tackle this month is hanging up art in our music room. We accomplished this one, this morning! Go Team Boone! Trevor did most of the work, but I gave artistic direction. Here are some pictures from our morning:

The painting our friend Nancy made for us as a wedding gift

 This beautiful piece we bought during our anniversary vacation this year in Sedona at Eisenart Innovations. Is it by Isa Cooley and Axel Soldwedel, a German couple, that creates these beautiful metal work pieces. We want to start a tradition of acquiring a piece of art on our anniversary; we'll see how that goes.

 This piece if from a local Flagstaff artist that we got over a year ago from the Open Studios tour.

This piece is from Z Gallery. Trevor got this when he was in junior high as a birthday gift.

All in all, a wonderful successful Saturday morning.

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  1. beautiful work, you two! I am so digging your red couch...and the artwork looks lovely above it!