Sunday, February 20, 2011

33 weeks!

7 more weeks!

I had a doctor's appoint on Friday. Here are the stats:

Weeks pregnant: 32 weeks and 6 days
Blood pressure: 118/68
Weight: 148lbs (30 total)
Fundal height: 31
Baby's heart rate: 138
Baby's position: oblique
New things: Trevor saw her move on Thursday! It's crazy! Love seeing all her little jabs! I love being pregnant! I do have some dark spots on my breast and armpits, much like my linea negra. All due to hormones. We took our labor class last week! That was a lot of fun! We really enjoyed that class. It's our favorite thus far. In March, we have our breastfeeding class, which I'm very excited for! 

Here are some pictures of me taken last Sunday:
This is one of the shirts I thought I'd never be able to wear because I thought it was too big. I was wrong! It looks really cute on me now!

 Love this shirt!

We had a blast at our baby showers 2 weeks ago! Thank you everyone! I'll post pictures as soon I get them!


  1. Hooray!! You look so cute and I love how many exclamation points you use in this post. It is very clear how happy and excited you are!!!

    The only part I enjoy about being pregnant is seeing/feeling the baby move and kick around. It looks so crazy!! Glad you are at that part now. Try and get video of it. I never did with my first or haven't remembered to do it with this one- but I feel like that is something I would want to watch 20 years from now.

    It is cool that you are taking a breastfeeding class. It is definitely a challenge (which seems weird- because it is supposed to be so natural...) It was really painful and awful for me for 2 weeks, and it took me a full 2 months before I enjoyed it...but then I loved it and nursed Matthew for 2 years. I hope you have a good experience with it too.

    Almost there!!!

  2. I love that shirt too! I want one. Not preggo yet, but hopefully soon. So I want to look cute like you. I am so happy for you guys. Saw Jackie this weekend and told her to give you a hug from me. :o)

  3. Thanks for all the support ladies!

    Sarah - I hope I have a good experience breastfeeding too! Yay! We're almost there! I've tried to take video but when i get up she stops. =(

    Jenni - Thanks! Senindg lots of baby dust your way! How exciting! Madelyn will be such a good big sister! Oh awesome! Was that at Christina's wedding?