Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Update

I had a doctor's appointment today. All is well. Here are the stats:

Weeks pregnant: 30 weeks and 4 days
Blood pressure: 119/73
Weight: 146lbs (28 total)
Fundal height: 29
Baby's heart rate: 128
Baby's position: transverse
New things: Increased fatigue; baby loves to lay low and sideways; stress incontinence (not happy about this one); I need help to get up some times (especially off the couch); and this might be too much info, but I've had some rock start bms! I've never clogged the toilet this many times in my life!

Super excited for our baby showers this weekend!


  1. I hear ya on the incontinence...I was sick a few weeks ago and a few times sneezing and coughing...yikes. So embarrassing!!!

    and yes. fatigue...oh my!

    Have fun at your showers!! Hooray for presents!!

  2. I'm hoping the incontinence just skips me. Have fun at the shower!!!