Friday, February 20, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

We got new phones!!! Yay! Finally! Our old phones were horrible! Constantly dropping calls. Took forever to send text messages! We also switched plans. We were previously on the T-Mobile Family plan under our respective parents' accounts. We officially have our own family plan on Verizon. Trevor gets a discount through his work. It was either AT&T or Verizon. We picked Verizon. From several people that we talked to, Verizon gets the best reception in Flagstaff. We have unlimited texts. 700 shared minutes. And unlimited Verizon to Verizon calls, nights, and weekends (which is standard with most plans now).

We got the new Chocolate 3 phones. Here are what they look like:

Trevor has the black one and I have the light blue. They also serve as MP3 players! =) So awesome! They have FM transmitters, which means they function like an IPod. You find a radio frequency that isn't being used and it plays in your car radio! It has an awesome camera! You add a removeable memory card to an extra 8GB of memory. There's already 1GB of memory on the phone. They are awesome!!! =)


  1. yay! verizon!! we can talk for free now :)

  2. Alex and I are on the exact same plan! We can talk and text for free!! what what?