Thursday, February 19, 2009

Way Over Due

At long last! I'm finally posting pictures from my friend Nancy's wedding (8-8-08) and her reception (10-26-08). I know I'm really bad. Sorry, Nancy!

Nancy and Adam Biro's wedding took place at the Hole in the Rock in Papago Park near the Phoenix Zoo. It was a very intimate ceremony.

With this ring I thee wed...

The Newlyweds!

Group Shots =)


The reception was at the Top of the Rock restaurant at the Buttes hotel. Gorgeous! Here are some photos:
The Happy Couple and The Rings

Group Photos with the Happy Couple

The Girls! The photo in the middle we're all doing the infamous Nancy Smile! =)

Petite Food - Aren't they cute!

Playing with the Petite Food

It was a ton of fun! Thanks Nancy and Adam for inviting me to your awesome wedding! Trevor would have been there but he just started working at Gore and couldn't take the time off.

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  1. that was a fun day!! :) i don't remember what i did with my mini tabasco sauce...