Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm so frustrated with my new job. Attempting to keep a positive attitude (and I think I'm succeeding at fooling people at work), but my poor poor husband and mom who have to listen to all my griping! I'm so grateful to have them to vent to.

But seriously...I'm so unhappy with my job right now. I'm also trying to watch what I say to who at my new job. Never know when something will bite you in the butt and nursing is notoriously known for venting frustrations to you coworkers as well as generally catiness (mainly because we are predominently women). Which I think is a sad thing about woman to woman interactions. Can't we all just get along. So far no catiness at this facility but being new, I want to be on my gaurd, especially when venting frustrations at work. I miss working with guys! They just bring something to the field of nursing that women can't and they lighten the mood and atmosphere. Must be that testoserone counteracting the effects of estrogen!

I miss my old job at Scottsdale Osborn on the ortho/neuro flooor so much! On the bright side, I do like my co-workers. They've all got spunk. Hoping and praying that things get better! On the bright side I have July 4th off...on the sad side I work the day we have tickets to go see Wicked...even after I put in a request. I'll have to find someone to work for me. =(

I'll update soon with pictures of the changes to the house and new projects we're working on.

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