Monday, July 6, 2009

Flagstaff Beerfest!

I'm catching up on my blogging. We went to Flagstaff Beerfest on Saturday June 20th (day before Father's day). My in-laws came up that weekend so we took Dad Boone to Beerfest for Father's Day. I was the DD for Trevor and Mom and Dad Boone. It was super fun!

Eating turkey legs! So yummy!!!

Us with Merlin, Nick, and Nicole. They came up for the beerfest too! Alex and Ellie came up to visit too but didn't go to the beerfest.

The guys dancing a jig!

Dad Boone found a friend! She's wearing a Dos XX hat with a bottle opener.

The Braatens also came up to visit. They came up for the music festival.

It was a great time having everyone over!

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