Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lessons We've Learned This Winter Season

This is our first winter dealing with snow and there are a few things we've learned for next year:

1. We need to shovel out the cars early and keep it up. Trevor's car has been out of commission since the giant snow storm at the beginning of December.

2. We need to snow blow the entire drive way, not just the small portion needed to get the car out of the driveway width of the garage.

3. We need to clear the ice in front of the garage door before it builds up to be a 5+ inch thick block of ice.

4. Using warm water to clear the ice on the driveway doesn't work at 5am in the morning because the water just refreezes. If we use warm water at 5am, we must drive immediately out of the driveway before it refreezes. Note: It does work in the afternoon, when the sun is up.

5. We need to gather wood all throughout the summer season to ensure plenty of wood. Though we rarely used it this season. It's just so messy to use the fire place.

I'm sure there will be more lessons we will learn as the winter continues. But for now, those are the major ones.

Posts to come:
1. Christmas Festivities with the Family
2. Our 1 year Anniversary!!!
3. Goals for this year
4. Ratatouille recipe


  1. Such fun lessons to learn. we r getting the snow a lot here too. I have to say I never tried the water thing, i figured it wouldn't work. Have you tried Buying a couple bags of salt? It works fantastic! but use it saparingly cuz it can damage to undercarriage of your car, leave pock marks on your cement and white rings on your wood. Also you might consider getting a karosene heater for when the power goes out. Fireplaces are romantic but just not practical

  2. Thanks Gina for the tips! =) We do have some salt. Our driveway was already pretty beat up when we bought from the use of salt. We'll have to look into the karosene heater. =)