Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

As promised, here's the low-down of our first Christmas as husband and wife.

Cajas Family
The 21st-23rd my family came to spend an early Christmas with us. My mom worked Christmas Eve and Christmas (poor mommy!), Mark worked Christmas Eve, and I worked Christmas day. So this was the only time we'd be able to spend together. It was great to see them and spend some time with them. It snowed during their visit. They had a great time playing in it!

My dad and Mark had a great time sledding down the side of the driveway!

Family photos! Trevor was at work when we took the picture on the right.

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Just the Two of Us
On the Christmas Eve it was just Trevor and I. It was really nice to spend some time alone together to celebrate the holidays and the birth of Jesus. It was an easy relaxed day. Nothing fancy. We opened presents in the morning and went to mass in the afternoon. It was really pleasant!

Opening our stockings! Trevor got me some yummy snacks and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I got him a loofah, ACDC boxers, and a Hallmark Joker ornament. I also got him the Hallmark Dark Knight ornament, but couldn't fit it in his stocking. He opened it later with his other gifts. Do you see a theme to his gifts this year?

He bought me a sewing machine! Total surprise! I'm always saying "I wanna do...but it requires a sewing machine." Yay! Now I have one to make curtains and reupholster our dining chairs and bar stools. I can make our Halloween costumes and all sorts of things. But first, I need to learn to sew. It's an awesome sewing machine!!!

I got Trevor his first ever Bat Mobile. On top of that it is the out of production Lego Bat Mobile! I found it on Ebay! He was so thrilled he got to work on making it later that day! He was so surprised! I wish I got a shot of the look of surprise and absolute happiness! I also go him a calendar, a book, a deep fryer, and a few other things.

Boone Family
Mom and Dad Boone, Kazton, Cocoa and Ozzie came up to spend Christmas and the weekend with us. I had to work on Christmas day so I didn't get to see them until that evening. We had Christmas pizza. On Saturday, Kaz went snow boarding at Snow Bowl while the rest of us went The Day After Christmas shopping. Trevor and I also made our first holiday was more of a Thanksgiving dinner than Christmas but nonetheless a holiday dinner.

For more photos click here.

Thanks Mom and Dad Boone and Cajas and Mark and Kazton! It was great spending time with you! And thanks for all the movies, video games, cds, and kitchen gear! =)

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  1. How fun, Grace! Looks like a great Christmas with both families!