Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lub Dub Lub Dub

What's that? The sound of a healthy heart? Oh how sweet the sound!

Today my new stethoscope arrived! Hooray! Some of you may know I lost my Littmann Classic II stethoscope at Scottsdale Healthcare (SHC) the day before our floor moved to the 5th floor for renovation. I was so sad! My parents bought it for me prior to starting nursing school. As many of you know, stethoscopes, good ones, are not cheap. That stethoscope has through a lot with me. I'm still sad that I lost my pretty burgundy, nursing school, Littmann.

For the last year, I have gone without a nice stethoscope. I have been using a disposable one I got from SHC and one my mom got. How sweet is she? She got it for me to use once I started working in Flagstaff.

At my current job, I've been working more as unit manager, which requires me to have a good stethoscope. Elderly sick people do not have good lungs sounds and are very difficult to hear. So I buckled and decided to buy myself a new stethoscope. I bought the Littmann Cardiology III in plum. I debated long and hard between plum and burgundy, ask Trevor. Finally I just flipped a coin. It comes with a 5 year warranty and free engraving on the bell! So if any tries to claim my stethoscope as theirs, they can't without scratching my name off! I found it on Medisave.com, which has one of the cheapest prices around for stethoscopes!

As soon as the stethoscope arrived I gave it a test run on myself. It's amazing! I could hear my heart and lungs so well! It was fantastic! I'm unit manager again tomorrow. Can't wait to give this puppy a run! And I promise I will not lose this one (not that I purposely lost my other one).

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  1. Isn't it funny how frequently we use a stethoscope, but are hesitant to shell out money for a new one? I'm glad you finally splurged for yourself! I now have a job where I don't need one :-)

    And CONGRATS on being a unit manager! What an accomplishment. You are amazing!