Saturday, March 6, 2010

Office Baby!

As most people know we don't have cable. We are able to get some local channels and have reasonably good reception. Unfortunately we are unable to watch some our favorite shows like 30 Rock and The Office the day they are on. Thank God for, which allows us to watch them the day after!

Today we watched the Office Baby episode! The second half was much better than the first. The first half was just disturbing. Pam was having contractions 2 minutes apart, her water broke, and she was still refusing to go to the hospital! Eeks! The second half had so many tender moments. Definitely gave me a little baby fever.

This episode hit a little close to home for me. As some of you know we were expecting last summer. Our baby would have been born some time around March 26th. Our baby's name, if it was a girl, was going to be Cecelia Rose Boone. The Office baby's name is Cecelia Marie Halpert. I told Trevor it was like Jim and Pam had our baby for us. It was a soothing and cathartic in a weird way.
Congratulations Jim and Pam!

Image Courtesy of the Halpert Baby Blog.

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