Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alex's Bachelor Party

For Alex's bachelor party we had a shooting party out in the desert.

We started off the day at Goodwill looking for knick knacks to shoot at.  This is a really creepy looking little girl statue thing.

Here's Alex, setting up one of our many targets.

I went out the weekend before the bachelor party to the neighborhood in Flagstaff that had bulk trash pickup that week to look for fun things to shoot at.  This TV was one of the things I found.  I'm surprised at how crazy thick the glass is on a TV!

(If you're wagging your finger about all the trash, a lot of it was there before we got there, and we bagged up and took out more stuff than we had brought in.)

Here's us "taking care of" this incredibly obnoxious singing Santa doll we found at Goodwill.

 Nick brought along an old computer monitor, which we also thoroughly "took care of."

 The Firing Squad!

After shootin' we went to Chipotle for dinner (we're getting one in Flagstaff soon!) and then we went to Dave and Buster's to play some vidju games.

We spent quite a bit playing Super Shot or whatever it's called.  I guess they were having a contest or something where you could win a $5 game card.  I think Merlin won one.  We were surprised at how good some of these much smaller kids were, but we figured their shorter stature must have given them an advantage somehow...

We also shot at some pretend people, which wasn't nearly as fun as shooting at for real televisions, but it was still fun.

The next day I had a bruise on my shoulder and a fat lip, both from the kickback of the shotgun (holding the butt of the gun away from your face is generally a good idea, I guess,) but we had a great time!

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