Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ellie's Bachelorette

Ellie's bachelorette was a blast! We did a Hollywood Glam theme. Here are some of the things we did, and pictures of course!

We started out at Mojo, an awesome yogurt place in downtown Phoenix. The yogurt there is so yummy! You get to choose your yogurt and various toppings. Mmm! Wish they had one in Flagstaff! After giving our taste buds some loving we got a taste of the big screen. We headed over to AMC Esplande and watched Easy A. It was a really good movie! I laughed pretty hard.

The beautiful bride to be! Eat your heart out Alex!

Showing off her bling!

Next, we headed for culinary delish at Bliss, a restaurant owned by some of Cherie's (sister of the groom) friends. This is a picture of us waiting outside while Callie and Cherie, prepped the table.

We played a game where Alex answered a set of questions before hand. We asked Ellie the questions and she had to guess Alex's response. For every one she guessed wrong, she had to chew a huge gumball.

The hippy (Sarah) and the gypsy (Eleanor)

When we were done with dinner, we pulled a little switcheroo at Brenda and Nicole's place and got dressed to the nines. Ellie got a lovely bottle of Gentleman's Jack to start off the night.

While we were at Brenda and Nicole's house we place a game where you had to think of words to describe certain things (most not appropriate to mention here) and if you couldn't think of a word you were out. The prize was a female pleasure device.

From there, we headed out to the clubs in Scottsdale. We started at the Firehouse and ended at Disco. Disco was pretty fun. They have a really cool dance floor that lights up where you're standing on it. 

Whenever we said a code word, Ellie had to show a guy a picture of her hubby to be, Alex.

Throughout the night we did a scavenger hunt where you had to do things like call a family member, kiss the head of a bald man, get a group of guys to seranade you, go into the men's restroom, dance the chicken dance to an entire song, etc. It was a really fun game!

Ellie and Callie playing a game to see who could put on 3 condoms the fastest.

The girls made it onto Disco's Facebook page.

We had a great time! It was a fantastic evening!

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