Monday, April 4, 2011

Amazon is Amazing!!!

I have recently discovered 2 more reasons to love Amazon! I recently signed-up for Amazon Mom. Through Amazon Mom, which is free, you get 3 free months of Amazon Prime and awesome deals on baby stuff! For example the Nature Baby diapers, which I love for their eco-friendliness and reviews (I haven't had the opportunity yet to actually use them): 

Amazon's price if you do the Subscribe and Save: $29.30 for 160 count and 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime. And for every $25 purchase you make at the Amazon Baby Store it adds a month to your Amazon Prime subscription up to a year.

Costco, which I also love dearly is $41.99. They even beat Costco's price! Unheard of in my book!

They also allow you to invite a friend, or my case spouse, to enjoy the wonders of Amazon Prime. Anyone can join Amazon Mom - Dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles...etc. It's so wonderful! We recently used our Amazon baby registry completion discount and got 10% off some baby items we needed and added 4 months of Amazon Prime to our account and we're getting the items in 2 days with free shipping! Fantastic! Thought I'd share the love!

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  1. Leave it to you Grace to find out the awesome deals! Thanks for sharing the tips! Will definitely have to check out when it comes the time for us :)