Monday, June 6, 2011

In 2 Months We've Learned... spit up is the latest in fashion accessories.
...never leave home without a diaper bag.
...traveling with baby isn't so bad or hard; it just takes good planning (and lots of baby gear).
...binkies are not the enemy.
...babies learn differently than any other animal (thank you discovery channel documentary).
...wrap wearing is awesome and so much easier for shopping than using the stroller and infant carrier (unless you plan on buying lots of things in which case the storage under the stroller is handy!)

How she's growing:
- At 4-5 weeks she started cooing, gooing, and gaaing more.
-Her hair is turning a lighter brown.
-She has hazel eyes in sunlight than her momma.
-She scoots across her playmat with some help from momma.
-She laughs.
-She hits and kicks her toys hanging from her playmat.
-She converses with mommy and daddy and her toys
-She discovered her thumbs.
-She sleeps for 3-5 hours at night. Yay!

-Her newborn pants are now capris.


More photos here.

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