Friday, July 15, 2011

In 3 Months We've Learned...

Sorry this is a bit late! fast 3 months goes by and how much they grow!
...going back to work is hard (and pumping at work)! to let other's take care of her and do things their own way (including Trevor) much we love her smiles and laughs. much we miss her when we're away from her. to ignore advice that doesn't pertain to us.
...the importance of routine.

How She's Grown
-She found her thumb
-She can hold up her head really well
-She sleeps 8 hours during the night
-She smiles, laughs, and talks a lot more than last month
-She scoots herself off her playmat while lying on her back

Happy 3 months Cece!

More photos here and here.


  1. I still have issues letting other take care of my kiddos in their own ways...I am such a control freak. That is a good reminder for me too.

    She is ADORABLE and getting so big!

    And you are awesome for continuing to pump at work! I cannot imagine how hard it is and you are a rock star!

  2. Grace, I love that you do monthly updates! As a new mom I am sure you are constantly busy, but I'm glad you take the time to let us all know how you and Trevor are doing and how Cece is growing! You guys are doing amazing. When is the next one coming along? ;)