Sunday, August 7, 2011

In 4 Months We've Learned...

...How fast time flies (and how fast she grows)!
...How blessed we are to have our moms' help!
...How important bedtime routines are but sometimes babies set their own schedules.
...How awesome it is when they hit major milestones!!!
...What a beautiful laugh she has!
...How important it is to continually nourish your marriage.

How She's Grown
- She can bring her hands together
- She can roll over!!!
- She likes to hold her books and toys
- She likes to play her piano
- She likes to sit-up
- She likes to stand up (with support of course)!
- She loves to laugh and smile!!!
- She reaches for and grabs her toys!
- Turns her head when she hear our voices.
- Discovered her toes!
- Tries to lunge forward
- Likes to play with her hands
- Can sit up very briefly without support.
- She likes to sit at the table during meal times.

More photos here.


  1. yeah!! So exciting. I like that our kiddos are the same age. It is fun seeing what they learn.

  2. Grace, she is getting big! She's prettier with each picture you post. I love your monthly updates of Cece.

  3. Love your blog with Cece monthly updates and reading what you have learned! You are such a wonderful Mama Grace (you always were even before Cece)!

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