Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In 5 and 6 Months We've Learned...

So I didn't get around to doing a post about 5 months. Oops!  Here's 5 and 6 months!

How she's grown
...She sits up unsupported.
...She passes objects from hand to hand.
...She plays with her hands and feet.
...She lunges forward and tries to crawl.'s important to get out of the house.
...once you get a good routine going, things change.
...she's got such a personality!
...having a sick baby stinks!

How she's grown
...She can walk when you hold both of her hands.
...She can stand up holding on to the couch and coffee table unsupported.
...She is eating solids consistently.
...She drags objects towards her.
...She cries when we leave the room (she's discovered object permanence).
...She knows us from strangers.
She's learned cause and effect -- if I drop this toy mommy will pick it up.

Happy 6th month birthday, Cece!

For more photos click here.

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  1. wow, Grace! I love how you do these monthly updates! Cece is so adorable, and that skeleton sleeper is awesome!