Friday, March 23, 2012

In 11 months we've learned...

The Best Photo of the Group 

The Outtakes
My favorite one!

Playing Tug O War with Daddy.

What we learned:
Honestly we haven't learned much new that I can think of right now, but we are very thankful for our beautiful and smart baby girl!

How She'd Grown
...She understands simple commands like "No don't touch" and "Come here"
...Squats while standing
...Walking like a pro and trying to climb on things
...She did the hand motions for the itsy bitsy spider once! It was so cute!
...She loves her books! She'll bring us one and sit on our laps.
...Occasionally says "bye bye"
...Loves looking at herself in the mirror!
...Loves to empty things from a container and put them back.
...She's Mommy's big helper! She helps Mommy put the laundry in the dryer and put the laundry away (as well as unfolding the laundry). She helps Mommy clean up her toys! We start early here with chores! :)

For more photos click here.


  1. She is so stinking adorable! I love the outfits you put her in. She is pretty advanced for 11 months! All Luke does is make messes, haha.

    The cleaning is the best part!

    Almost a year! Crazy how time flies.

  2. I love the outtakes!!! its super cute :)

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