Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it...Stop?

Last week was Flagstaff's second biggest snow storm since 1967, according to the AZ Daily Sun. Thursday was the 12th snowiest day in Flagstaff record with a whooping 19.6 inches! Goodness! At the start of the week, the forecast was pretty gloomy. Everyone was on high alert to be prepared for power outages and lots and lots of snow! We luckily didn't experience a power outage. There were a few building that collapsed from the weight of the snow - Joann's/Bookman's and the ice skating rink. I guess I can't sew curtains, for the time being. We do have some fabric at Walmart, but the Joann's has a bigger selection.

I gotta say that last week...I discovered my dislike of snow. I love snow in that it's beautiful, fun to play in, and you get to cozy up to your sweetheart. I dislike shoveling it, figuring out where to throw it, and that it creates ice dams on our roof and driveway. I was sick this week so Trevor had to do a majority of the shoveling. Poor guy! He'd come into the house sopping wet!

You can view the weather for the week at The Weather Channel - Jan 17-22.

Here are some photos from our snow adventure. Some of them are reenactments, since we didn't have the time or energy to take pictures during the actual events.

Thursday before the storm

Two weeks ago Trevor cleared out the snow and ice from the roof to prepare for the upcoming storms.

Monday - Day 1

You can see our mail box and some of the stairs leading to our front door.

Thursday - Day 4

No more mail box, no more stairs!

Pretty view from the window box in out kitchen! It's so beautiful and peaceful, as long as you don't have to go to work.

Reenactment of Trevor desperately trying to clear a pathway for the rain water to drain. The snow/ice created a dam so all the water was pooling at the base of our driveway. As you can see from this picture take yesterday that the snow has already filled up part of the area Trevor cleared.

Friday - Day 5 - Attempting to get Grace to work on time

This is a reenactment picture of Trevor at 5:30am desperately trying to get the tire chains to stay on. They fell off 3 times and we didn't even get past the driveway. The road in front of out house was unplowed. I ended getting to work 3 hours late...but I eventually made it! Thanks Trev!

Saturday - Day 6 - First day of Sunshine!

You can barely see our house!

There are piles of snow taller than Trevor!

Some beautiful scenes just outside our door.

It's suppose to snow more on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but nothing like this past week. Whew! I'm thankful we made it through the week without too much damage! We are very blessed.

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