Sunday, January 24, 2010

Waking Up in Vegas

Our first anniversary was January 3rd. We decided to spend it in Vegas! We've never been to Vegas together. We were going to go when we were in college but after reviewing the cost of a trip to Vegas, we decided we couldn't afford it. Now 3 years later, we can! Yay! It helps that Vegas is having awesome deals too!

They are building a bridge over the Hoover Dam for drivers to take if they want to by pass the Hoover Dam. When we drove over the dam it reminded me of the movie Cars and once the expressway was built the little town lost all it's tourism. Granted this is different because it's a structure and not a city, but still. Now as an adult, I have greater appreciation for it.

We stayed a Bally's and got a room with a view of the Bellagio fountain and Eiffel Tower.

We did splurge on tickets to the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love Show. Which is amazing and worth every penny! After the show we wanted to watch it again! We definitely want to go back to watch it again and Zumanity and Ka (can't go wrong with Cirque du Soleil).

We visited our favorite restaurant, Sammy's. This is where we celebrated our 5 month anniversary 5 years ago in December! Of course that was when it was in Tempe.

We went on a gondola ride at the Venetian. It was awesome! Our gondolier, Christiano, sang use 2 songs in Italian! He was born in Italy. He lived there for 8yrs before moving to Germany and then eventually the states. It was so romantic! We really enjoyed it!

We went on the Price is Right Live in our hotel. It we fun! We didn't win anything but it was enjoyable to watch the people who did get to go up and play.

We mostly spent our time walking around, enjoying the sites. We gambled a whooping $2! Woah big spenders! haha! We just weren't interested in gambling.

CES and Adult Entertainment both held their expos during the time we were there. It was certainly an interesting mix of people!

For more pictures click here.

Our First Year of Marriage was certainly very busy and filled with many adventures. Let's review:
  • We honeymooned in the Caribbean
  • We moved to and from northern California
  • We attended 5 other weddings
  • We bought our first home
  • I started a new job, quit, and found a new job
  • We were pregnant and miscarried
  • We went to Hawaii
  • We survived our first and second major snow storms
  • We had an awesome time entertaining family and friends during Christmas
Whew! We're excited to see what the coming year will bring!

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