Saturday, November 12, 2011

In 7 Months We've Learned...

Take 1

 Take 2

Take 3...Mommy gives up

...How cool it is to feel your baby's first tooth!
...Holidays have a new meaning! They're so much more fun!
...How amazing it is to only pump 1-2 times a day instead of 6-8!

...How fast she's learning and growing! 7 months ago she couldn't even hold up her head!
...It's awesome having someone babysit her one night a month so we can have some couple time.

How she's grown
sh... She will drop objects and look for them.
...She babbles a lot!
...She's a squirmy wiggly worm!
...She uses the coffee table, mommy and daddy, the laundry basket, etc to pull herself up to standing.
...She can pick toys out of a box.
...She bangs objects together.
...She loves bouncing when standing or sitting in your lap.
...She can transfer objects from hand to another.
...She's able to turn pages, but chunks at a time. She can do individual pages if we lift the page a little for her.
...She loves walking with assistance.
...She says "Mama" and means me! (poor Dada...)
...Her first tooth is starting to come out.
...Sometimes searches for hidden objects.

Happy 7 month birthday, Cece!

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  1. She is so cute! I still cannot believe she can pull herself up. Lucas just barely learned how to sit up without falling over! ha.

    Great job still pumping! That is the hardest thing ever, you are a rock star!!