Thursday, February 9, 2012

In 8, 9, and 10 months We've Learned...

Wow!!! I'm so behind. I picked this background in honor of all our birthdays approaching and since I'm so slow, by the time I update again, Cece will probably be 1 year! On to the catch up...

In 8 months We Learned...
...Cece handled her first bilateral ear infection well!
...organized chaos best describes our first holiday season with a little one.
...what it truly means to have a mobile baby (aka diaper changes with a baby rolling and crawling away from you).
...Cece does not like Santa Claus. we truly know what separation anxiety is. errands with a sick baby sucks! sweet (and at times frustrating) it is when all she wants to do is be held or cuddled by you.

How She's Grown
...She's crawling around. It's super cute! She uses her right leg to push off and drags her left leg underneath her.
...Continues to babble.
...Says Mama and Dada
...Cruises (moving from one piece of furniture to the next for support) everywhere!
...She's learning to use her pincer grasp. She especially loves to use it to pick up Gerber Graduates Veggie Dips and Happy Baby Banana Puffs, which I affectionately call Baby Crack

Happy 8 month birthday!

In 9 months We Learned...
...We haven't baby proofed the house enough (nothing bad happened but she gets into everything!)
...What great friends we have (Thanks Sarah for watching Cece the week before Christmas!)

How She's Grown
...She eats with her fingers.
...She drinks from a cup with assistance (she's actually done this for a while, since around October). She's still trying to figure out sippy cups.
...Continues to cruise and crawl.
...She's stands really well by herself.
...She stoops from a standing position to try ti pick something up.
...Uses her pincer grasp very well.

Happy 9 month birthday!

In 10 months we Learned...
(Okay so you got your picture; now I'm going to play with this sign)

...Once again we relearned the importance of Mommy and Daddy time.
...She is a budding escape artist. She is constantly learning new ways to break out of her baby play area.
...Our baby is learning so much every day!

How She's Grown
...She's WALKING!!!!!
...Tons of talking! She says Mama and Dada pretty consistently, though not always to the right parent. She'll imitate words. The cutest one so far is when Trevor was talking to her she said "I like you Dada" and later that same day he said "I love you" to her and she said "I wub you." Ah! melt my heart. She has also said hello and byebye.
...She knows how to wave hello and good-bye! So cute!!!
...She knows if you say "Cheers" you clink your glasses together. She LOVES this!
...She puts objects in containers. The toys with holes cut out in different shapes and you have to put the right shape in the hole; she can put the circle in the circle. She needs some guidance (aka us picking out the right shape) but she's starting to get it!

Happy 10 month birthday!

For more photos click here and here.

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