Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trev's 25th!

Poor Trevor! We had this great trip planned for the weekend of his 25th birthday (4/26)! We were going to live it up in Vegas. We planned to stay 3 nights at Excalibur which is near New York New York, Trev's favorite hotel and had tickets to watch Zumanity. But the Thursday before our big trip Trevor got very sick! Running fever as high as 101 on and off. So we ended up spending the weekend at home. 

I tried to make it as special as I could. Here are some pictures of our weekend.

The Food:

Strawberry and Raspberry Cheesecake

The Loot:
CS4 Extended Photoshop

Tool set - which we've been using for miscellaneous house upkeep projects. Thanks Mom and Dad Cajas!

Awesome water chose from Land's End! Thanks Mom and Dad Boone!

While it wouldn't have been as fantastic as our Vegas trip, Trev had a relatively good birthday. Good food, naps, and lots of movie watching!

P.S. I'll post the recipes for the above soon.
P.P.S. Isn't our phone awesome! It takes great pictures. We lost our camera.

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